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The PC220 LC Excavator is also fitted with KOMTRAX which helps to achieve cost efficiency and deliver a quality result to local developers and infrastructure clients


All part of a day's work, here is the GD655 Grader which is fitted with the KOMTRAX Komatsu software


Part of the 40 strong Bolte Civil fleet includes the GD655 Grader, PC220 LC Excavator, PC55 MR Excavator and WB97R Loader


One of the WA320 PZ6 machines in QLD, where more than 60 percent of Australia's 400 accredited feedlots are located.


The Komatsu WA500 wheel loader hard at work.


Inside the last two years, Walker Quarries has more than doubled their operations, from 80,000 to over 200,000 tonnes.


The Komatsu GD655-5 grader fitted with a specific sharp toothed blade to cut easily into even the hardest compacted gravel.


The new Komatsu GD655-5 grader was delivered to South Burnett Regional Council and was chosen in a competitive tender on the basis of price and known quality of factory maintenance.

930E Komatsu Truck preparing for BHP site at CoE proving ground.jpg

Komatsu autonomous haul trucks demonstrate their unmanned capabilities at the company's Arizona Proving Grounds in Tucson, AZ, in March 2018.

Komatsu GD655-7 working 2.jpg

The new GD655-7 grader brings new innovation, featuring EPC (electronic proportional controls) for blade and ripper functions, and the option of dual-function palm controlled steering or a conventional steering wheel.

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